About Us

About Us

St Catharine’s are part of the Cornerstone Team and are a Church of England church in The Diocese of Leicester. Find out more about us here at St Catharine’s.


Transforming lives in Houghton with the love of Jesus Christ

Within this vision there are 3 particular areas we believe God is leading us to focus on in the next 3 to 5 years. We dream and pray that God will work through us in these areas.

Church planting and Evangelism
We pray that God will work through us to
Become a church where its members are wholly committed to resourcing ministry; giving generously; identifying, equipping and sending people out in mission; and developing a culture of planting new congregations.

Impacting our village with the love of Christ
We pray that God will work through us to be a church that has a reputation for loving its neighbours, wholly committed to investing in the needs of our village, to the extent that should we ever have to leave, for whatever reason, we would be asked to stay because of the good works we have done.

Making our church a place where people know they belong
We pray that God will work through us to make our church family a place that people know and feel they belong; where they are loved, cared for and supported. A church which is truly inter-generational and multi-cultural, where people want nothing else than to gather together. A place where people share the ups and the downs of life together.

Our Foundations

Living as the family of Jesus

Becoming more like Jesus

Proclaiming Jesus and planting churches

Living out the love of Jesus

These four foundations underpin all we do at St Catharine’s. All our activities seek to serve one of these purposes.

Who’s Who

Steve Ransley

Steve Ransley is the Vicar at St Catharine’s. Steve is married to Jo and they have 5 kids and a lively cocker spaniel called Ridley. Prior to joining the Cornerstone Team (Houghton, Thurnby and Stoughton) Steve was at Oakhill College and previously worked for the Youth Offending Service and as a Solicitor. Steve is a big sports fan following the roller-coaster that is Liverpool FC, enjoys weightlifting, experiencing new coffee shops, BBQing and watching movies with the family.

Michael Corner

Michael Corner is our Growing Faith Minister. He has been a part of the team since May 2016. Before taking on full time ministry, he was a primary school teacher and studied music technology at DeMontfort University. In his spare time he volunteers at the Severn Valley Railway and loses at board games.

Rob Miles

Rob Miles is the Team Rector of the Cornerstone Team, and will often be found in the neighbouring village of Thurnby. He hails from the West Country, and was a secondary school teacher before going into full-time ministry. Besides being passionate about following Jesus, Rob loves cricket, racing cars, books, and good coffee.

The Cornerstone Team

St Luke’s (Thurnby)
Main St, Thurnby

St. Catharine’s (Houghton)
Main Street, Houghton

St. Mary’s and All Saints (Stoughton)
Church Lane, Stoughton

The Cornerstone Team of Churches is based in the villages of Thurnby, Houghton on the Hill, and Stoughton, just to the east of the City of Leicester.


St Catharine’s is an Anglican church and part of the Church of England. Different churches have different worship styles, different ways of governance and different emphases and styles. Anglicanism is one of those. It brings together the authority of the Bible, the historic faith and structured prayer. Anglicans are a global family living out our faith in our local communities, all united by the person of Jesus Christ.