Mission Partners

Here at St Catharine’s we support four main mission partners, both financially and in prayer. Please find below some information about the missions we support.

Open Hands – David Wisdish

More information can be found in the Open Hand – Next Chaper HERE

Open Hands started in 2006 with Hand in Hand Preschool.

  • 2008 Food Hampers given out
  • 2009 Opening of the Compassion Centre – drop in sessions begin ( clothes & Household items) Tuesday Night Meals
  • 2010 Furniture Project, Emerge self-esteem course and English classes begin
  • 2014 Launch of Tour de Leicestershire annual cycling fundraiser
  • 2015 food store opens and Employments mentoring begins
  • 2016 6 degrees Café opens and Open Hands receives Queens award for voluntary service
  • 2018 Next Steps Employment workshops begin
  • 2020 plans for new Compassion centre

After a long time Open Hands have now signed a 10 year lease for £6500sq. ft. warehouse

Work is now underway to convert this into the new Centre which is expected to open in early Autumn 2021

Prayer points

  • Finance for the new centre renovation
  • The ability to re-open fully many of the services suspended during the pandemic
  • Continuing need for donation of food ( still being provided from Highfields street )
  • Current main food needs are
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Pasta Sause
  • Tins of Tomatoes, Pulse Beans, Vegetables Fruit
  • Tea bags (max 40)
  • Coffee

Home for good – Michael Corner

More information coming soon

St Francis Hospital, Katete – Isabel Oldham

St.Francis Hospital is a church administered hospital founded in the Katete district of Zambia in 1948 by the Revd Dr Francis Trefusis. It serves a population of a million people and is focused on treating the most vulnerable in society as well as providing training for healthcare professionals.lt is integrated into the Zambian Health Service but relies for much of its funding on donations from across the world.

The hospital provides services in Medical, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Ophthalmology and Paediatrics. Other services include Laboratory, Dental, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Optometry and HIV/AIDS. There is also a Nursing College.

Accidents and injuries are the main reasons for admission to the hospital. In 2020 there were 75,227 attendances at the Outpatient department.

Earlier this year an oxygen plant was delivered to the hospital so that it is no longer necessary to make 1,000km round trips to Lusaka in order to replenish the hospital cylinders. The Friends of St.Francis, whom we support, were largely responsible for funding this. The Friends are now hoping to provide solar panels to generate electricity to pump oxygen to the beds as the electrical supply to the hospital is unreliable.

Covid 19 has reached Zambia and is putting much pressure on the hospital’s resources.

The number of volunteer doctors from overseas is much reduced and there are problems with sourcing PPE and coping with an increase in patient numbers.

Our prayers and financial support for St. Francis Hospital are greatly appreciated.

Care for the Family – Barbara Scase

Summer 2021 update

Thanks for:
Katharine Hill’s book ‘A mind of their own’ which has been awesome and still is. We could not have asked for anything better with the response it has had. The book and the event Online is reaching churches, companies, schools and of course families all across the UK.
We have also held several online events following on from the book with Katharine and Dr Kate Middleton who is a psychologist. Most of the events have had over 300 individuals in attendant. God is so good!

The online training is still work in progress however, we have run a few courses and each one was fully booked, and we are thinking to offer online training alongside the face-to-face training as soon as we can and of course when the UK opens up fully.

We are so grateful to God and his containing faithfulness to Care for the Family.

Please can you prayer for
Our Autumn events.
As the summer approaches this is the time, we plan for the Autumn events Online and hopefully face to face. We are wanting to take an event on the Road with Rob Parsons in October but, at the moment it’s uncertain so, waiting for the government’s announcements. However, our eyes are fixed on Jesus and all things are possible with him at our sides.

New database/website:
We are also started the process of a new CRM as you can imagine this is a huge project, but much needed for the charity to move forward in strengthening and supporting families across the UK.

All staff:
Staff are now taking their summer holidays after a very busy period since lockdown. Families needed us more than ever now. so, prayers would be nice for staff to have some good quality family time. building family memories. and find rest and peace as they take time off work.

Leadership team:
Our leadership team and Trustees. I cannot speak highly enough of these leaders. They lead with wisdom; integrity and we are grateful to God of each one of them. I am sure they would value prayers for the next season. Moving Care for the Family out of the pandemic and into the next season. This brings more change for them and for staff.

As you can imagine since Lockdown there has been lot so changes. We had to adapt overnight if we were going to support families we needed to think more creatively internally and externally. Praise the Lord we have great staff teams and technology to be able to do this. All the Staff have been working from home for the last 15 months and now more change for them and for their family and they gradually come back to the office. Again, lots of change for everyone again.

Careline Team:
Our careline team who are trained councillors. They are so busy especially now since Covid and they also support some very sad family situations.

Visit www.careforthefamily.org.uk or contact St Catharine’s rep Barbara Scase 01162414258