September message – God and faith

September 1, 2014 houghton

What does church mean to you? If God exists, what is he like? Why do some people seem to have more faith than others? If you have ever wondered about God and about faith, whether it’s with questions like these or completely different ones, then there is something at St Catharine’s for you. Because, whatever else church may be, it’s certainly a place for asking questions; for wondering, thinking, and discussing; asking questions about God and asking questions of God.

If you haven’t been to church for a while; or if you’re interested in spiritual things but wouldn’t necessarily want to call yourself a Christian… then you would be welcome to join us, to find out more about the God of the Bible, and what he has to say to people like us in a time like this.

In particular, you are invited to our 10.30am service on 28th September, which is part of the worldwide ‘Back to Church Sunday’ event. The theme will be ‘God’s Great Banquet’—and the invitation that he sends to what we may think are the most unlikely people. There will be activities for children as well as for adults, so why not accept the invitation..?

Looking further ahead, Messy Church continues on the first Sunday of the month, and in October (5th) we will be giving thanks to God for his provision with our own ‘Messy Harvest’; which will be followed in church on 12th October with our Harvest Festival service at 10.30am.

Finally, for an opportunity to find out more about Christianity in an informal setting, with no strings attached, we will be running the popular ‘Christianity Explored’ course, starting in October. Further details will appear on the website, or get in touch to find out more.