Special Occasions

It is a privilege to take part in people’s significant moments in life. Find out more about special occasions at St Catharine’s


If you are planning your wedding, many congratulations! We are always delighted to talk to couples who are interested in St Catharine’s; it is a beautiful church at the heart of the village, and a wonderful place for a couple to celebrate their special day.

We would love to help you plan a memorable service as well as helping you prepare for a lifetime of marriage together. Getting married at St Catharine’s will be a joyful occasion, whether or not you have any previous connection with the church.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the vicar, Steve Ransley.

Baptism & Thanksgiving

Congratulations on the birth of your child! A new arrival is one of the biggest and most significant events in the life of any parent, and many people want to mark this in a public way. We offer two services at St Catharine’s.

Thanksgiving Service

This is an opportunity to thank God for the new life that he has given, to pray for his help for you as parents in the years to come, and to pray for God’s blessing on your child as he or she grows up. This service does not require any particular Christian commitment on your part, and we are happy to offer it to anyone, wherever you may stand on the specifics of the Christian faith.

Baptism Service

Baptism is the way we welcome people into the church family, and involves making promises to follow Jesus, and to bring up your child as part of his worshipping community. We love to baptise children whose parents want to make these promises, and are committed to supporting families as they grow in faith together. We are also delighted to baptise adults or older children who come to trust Jesus for themselves.

If you would like to find out more about either of these services, please contact the vicar, Steve Ransley.