Who We Are

St Catharine’s church is a lively and active Anglican church. As a family we seek to live all our lives in reference to Jesus Christ, God himself who came to earth. We are a church that is committed to the teaching of the Bible because of its relevance in providing the answers to life that many of us are seeking. We believe that our faith, our lifestyle and our common life together must be shaped, challenged and nurtured by God’s word. As a fruit of that we seek St Catharine’s to be a place of refreshment and rest for all ages, as we seek to live our lives in reference to Jesus.

Whether you have been following Jesus for many years, or have recently become a Christian; whether you are wanting to find out who Jesus is, or have never even thought about him; whether you have questions about life and faith or you’re maybe going through a tough time, you would be most welcome to join us for any of our services or activities and events.

Our foundations as a church


living as the family of Jesus


becoming more like Jesus


proclaiming Jesus and planting churches


living out the love of Jesus

Now you know a bit about us, why don’t you meet the team we have here at St Catharine’s. Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about anything that is happening in the life of St Catharine’s.